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Characters The Wolf and the Seven College Kids

In this adult vore take on the Grimm's fairy tale Heather takes her wolf boyfriend Richard to meet her seven brothers and sisters Tired of playing den mother to the undergrads she begs Richard n.

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The Wolf and the Seven College Kids

Ot to get involved in getting hammered for the weekend with the young goats But after one strong margarita and several shots the wolf is betting the undergrads that he can eat all seven of them.

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In one night Heather knows something is bound to go wrong she's seen them all drunk before But Richard's pride just won't let him uitA vore fairy tale for adult readers only Cover art by Malezor.

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    This book was furry vore erotica I knew this when I got into it so clearly that was what I wanted to read And as such I can't say I wa

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