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The country John discovers that one of the villagers is transforming into a werewolf but this strange case of lycanthropy is only a portent of worse things to comeCollecting Hellblazer 108 12. I didn t realize there were of these until the library got them Enjoyed it

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Hellblazer Volume 11 Last Man Standing

In this new Hellblazer collection John Constantine while scouting for blackmail victims at an orgy John finds himself accidentally summoning up sinister beings known as the Mendw with terrible. Days of Wine Roses 108 One of Jekins best one off stories because it nicely combines human problems Constantine hi jinks and foreshadowing of oncoming danger all with a wry ending 810The Wild Hunt 109 This one calls back to some of Delano s rural adventures but its main purpose is to again foreshadow the coming dangers The result is good 710Last Man Standing 110 114 I have mixed feelings about this Jenkins arc On the one hand I love the integration of the Arthurian mythos and the continued focus on the magic of Britain I also uite like its ties to Rich while Dani is a great addition to the cast and a nice and necessary move past Kit On the other hand the plotting feels muddled Isn t John just doing God s work with his special stew and won t there be big problems when any of them die and isn t this a repeat of the trick he played in Dangerous Habits And how exactly does the return of the fay in 108109 tie with their attempted extermination here I feel like I m missing a bit Which I often felt in Delano stories too until I read them a few times which leaves Jenkins in good company Interesting but hard to interpret 610In the Red Corner 115 An amusing bit of what will John do to get what he wants and a nice continued look at his relationship with Dani 710Widdershins 116 117 A nice little ghost story with an explanation that s in the end too simple I mean it s sort of classic Constantine but after spending two issues on this it doesn t seem enough 610Life Death Taxis 118 This is a nice bit of slice of life the sort of thing Constantine needs to make the magic so magical But ohhhh the life death dichotomy is cliched 610Undertow 119 This strangely told story of disasters reads like some of Delano s best weird stories such as On the Beach 13 It s rather magnificent 810Desperately Seeking Something 120 This anniversary issue does its best to offer a uniue experience but it s desperately seeking something all right a plot It just doesn t go anywhere interesting 510 Overall this is definitely a weaker volume that uickly loses any momentum it had thanks to all its one off and two off stories which don t even have much thematic continuity unlike Jenkins excellent one offs in the previous volume Still they re mostly enjoyable reads and Hellblazer worth having

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Conseuences for an anorexic girl and her abusive father  Plus cattle mutiliations in Yorkshire hold no interest for Constantine until a nosy tabloid reporter chases him out of London Once in. Look I just hate Jenkins so much lol Actually that s probably a bit of an over statement because nothing he writes really makes me angry but it s just soooo booooring and I need for him to leave now Looks like I have one volume til I get to Ellis and I am SO READY Anyway I don t really remember what happened in this because nothing much has happened his ENTIRE RUN Uh it started with a random issue with our good friend pedophilia for shock value rolls eyes and there was some weird thing where John s friend is the descendant of King Arthur and I have no idea what the POINT of any of that was and there was some other crap too I guess I don t know What is the over arching plot of this run supposed to even be I mean there are recurring characters but it seems like every issue just happens in an vacuum and I hate it Anyway have a few panels of John getting kissed by King Arthur because reasons I mean I just read the damn thing and I still have no idea whyAnd then also a cute little Death cameo

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    Days of Wine Roses 108 One of Jekins' best one off stories because it nicely combines human problems Constantine hi jinks and foreshadowing of oncoming danger — all with a wry ending 810The Wild Hunt 109 This one calls bac

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    Paul Jenkins and Sean Phillips wrap up their run on Hellblazer with this volume collecting the Last Man Standing 5 parter as well as numerous done in one stories and the 10th anniversary double sized issue #120Last Man Standing itself is a decent little arc but it's about 2 issues too long The ultimate conclusion is very much in line with how Constantine operates but it takes too long to get to the point and doesn't r

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    OVERALL RATING 35A Touch of Heaven 3In The Line Of Fire 35Days of Wine Roses 25The Wild Hunt 25Last Man Standing 45 In The Red Corner3Widdershins 3Life and Death Taxis 35Undertow3 Desperately Seeking Something 3This was rather lengthy and took a long while navigating the one shot stories before coming to the core story but all in all it was

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    Paul Jenkins continues to take Hellblazer in fresh new directions and it's all very intriguing although he maybe falters just a little bit with this collection Spoilers followLast Man Standing starts with a couple of one offs but they aren't entirely self contained because each carries some portents of things to come The first one features guest art from Charles Adlard I think he's the guy who many years later would be the initial

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    The dialogue is humorous than ever in this volume but the atmosphere darkens in the main story given the threat on BritainMyrddin or Merlin from King Arthur's time is responsible for a great deal of spiritual destruction on sacred sites along dragon lines John refuses to go against him but Merlin forces John to

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    Look I just hate Jenkins so much lol Actually that's probably a bit of an over statement because nothing he writes really makes me angry but it'

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    This trade contains a wonderful arc written and illustrated by Paul Jenkins and Sean Phillips respectfully where Camelot

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    Another Hellblazer collection I really liked The majority of the book deals with the return of Merlin and King Arthur in a story that puts a modern spin on the Albion mythology Then there are some shorter tales that include a graveyard giving up its ghosts a spirit transference tale that is probably going to come up again in later volumes a very dark tale about death and disaster and then a gem of a story that

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    I didn't realize there were of these until the library got them Enjoyed it

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    Jenkins' run continues with mostly middle of the road stories#108 Days of Wine and Roses 155A one parter that foreshadows the next big arc It tries to be a PSA about abuse and bulimia but it takes a standard horror turn and loses the