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Jason has been seeing his werebear lover for some time now and while he has never been happier he just wishes his lover would take him like the shape shifting animals he knows they both are Axl has had problems with lovers being able to take his supernatural strength and lusts in the past and he never wants to put Jason thr.


Bear the Load

Ough anything like that no matter how capable his younger shifting lover thinks he is So he holds back the natural urges that rise in him each time he mounts Jason in his human form telling himself that it's enough Jason has had enough of waiting He wants everything Axl has to give him every last violent and animalistic urg.

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E to rut and mate and possess like he is supposed to He wants to be claimed and owned by the self imposed gentle giant and he's going to use every dirty seductive trick in the book to get what he wants But will it be enough to tempt Axl into giving in to his baser instincts or will the pair of them be left wanting once agai.

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    Short story about a bear shifter and his slight mate He had been through 13 full moons without really taking his slight mate as his bear wanted for fear of hurting him The story is basically the mate contriving a way to force his bear mate to mate him as he should Maybe it was just short story syndrome but I never got a feel of the characters It was a rushed story with one ending in mind

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    Short but not badThere was definitely some chemistry between them but the story is to short to really appreciate it Jason did what he had to Axle and his bear needed to take complete claim of him The bond of a mate is sealed with a bite and Jason needs to feel like he is everything to Axle

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    The blurb is much intriguing than the actual story a MM short erotic tale you will only like if you favour your gay men rigidly divided into two groups the dominant unyielding alpha males and the girlish couettish and submissive twinksI do not

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