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The Wheelwright's Shop

George Sturt's frank and moving account of his trade as a wheelwright in the late nineteenth century offers a uniue glimpse into the working lives of craftsmen in a world since banished.

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As it was passing into history E P Thompson's new foreword acclaims the significance of Sturt's engaging narrative as a vital document in the history of labour at the turn of the centur.


By technology The wheelwright's shop where he entered business had been operating for two centuries; this chronicle first published in 1923 is a poignant record of that tradition written.

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    I hoped this would be the wheelwright and cartwright euivalent to Kenneth Kilby's excellent The Cooper and His Trade It's not Sturt was a boss† not a craftsman and the book is much about the changing nature of ru

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    This book gives a decent look at rural England in one county for the period 1884 to 1922 from the prospective of the owner of a rural wheelwright shop George Sturt assumed the reins of a 3rd generation family businessThe impacts of the Industrial Revolution and World War I can be seen as he describes his business George Sturt was a literary man and published under a different name while running the family businessIf I recall correctly his

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