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summary Hard Reset Time Loop #1

Canterlot and she just died Yet somehow it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from hereGiven the chance

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Hard Reset Time Loop #1

To correct what's gone wrong Twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her Which it will Freuent

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Twilight isn't having a very good day An experimental spell blew up in her face an army of changelings is attacking

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    Twilight's caught in a Groundhog Day timeloop but with a harsh twist just five hours or so after the beginning of the loop the Changelings brutally invade Euestria again and Twilight generally dies right afterward This gives the story a much tighter and clearer plot than Groundhog Day There's a definite puzzle that needs to be solved; the Changeling invasion must be thwarted and Twilight has only five hours or so in wh