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Pieces of Autumn Pieces of Autumn #1

I wish I could tell you that I was stolenKidnapped off the street. The blurb did not give me much of an idea of what this book was aboutat all Yes the female protagonist essentially sold herself into sexual slavery but that was about all I was able to get from the blurb I didn t expect a dystopian post apocalyptic type of story where anarchy seems to be the norm and people are living in sualor This definitely wasn t a story about a sexually experimental girl that signed on for something only to find out she had bitten off than she could chew which is along the lines of what I was expecting So if that s what you re looking for be forewarned That being said it was a good storyIn an act of desperation Autumn sells herself into sexual slavery for a warm meal and a chance at survival In this gloomy new world this seems to be a fairly common choice of the masses of girls trying to survive on the streets from day to day Autumn is provided to the much feared Tate as a gift from the crime organization to which she sold herself Stoker Rud to be a cold blooded murderer she is terrified of what Tate s intentions are for her and uestions whether or not she made a terrible mistakeAs the story progresses Autumn discovers a different side of Tate and begins to uestion her own sanity as she fights her attraction to this sadistic and dangerous man It turns out that Tate is not the only threat to her safety and she may be safer with him than anywhere elseThe story unfolds slowly and it takes uite a while to figure out why Autumn is in danger and who Tate really is It was all very cryptic until about half way through when the pieces start to fall into place little by little Had I not been expecting something else entirely I might have liked the story It was good just not what I was expecting It took a while to get in a different state of mind Once I did I liked the story and can say it was definitely unlike anything else I usually read I give it 3 stars

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Family back home waited and prayed and talked about me on the new. Didn t like it

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In some third world country sold against my will while a desperate. 35 stars Who do you belong toImpressive for a debut novel A very imaginative story full of broken people with a messy and confusing and painful past present and future The author takes us on a disturbing journey that will open your mind to some possibilities that you might not want to consider as being a reality but could be You might have to open your mind to the possibility that there s no deserving or not deserving There s just love and you can accept it or not We are all the product of our combined life experiences and some of those lives really sucked If you take two broken people who have suffered and made choices that they might regret you will end up with some heavy baggage Sometimes life can kick you in the a and force you to accept things that nobody should have to You can t go back and rewrite history so you have to take your past into your future and try to make something of it Even if the pieces are broken they are still part of you right Can the pieces of Autumn ever be put back together again Can she live with the choices she s made Is the place she finds herself in now better than what she was trying to escape Does she even want to escape from her current prison

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    35 Stars Whatever you think you're doing stop I'm not your fucking knight in tarnished armor I'm not a broken man with a heart of gold I'm pure fucking evil and you made the choice to shackle yourself to me I had a hard time rating this book While I found the writing to be phenomenal it wasn't uite what I expected and it wasn't nearly as dark as I thought it would be As a debut novel the author has definitely captured my interest

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    The blurb did not give me much of an idea of what this book was aboutat all Yes the female protagonist essentially sold hers

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    Where to start with this hot mess?? First I got to 33% and dnf This book was compared to Tears of Tess and I have to say that is so disrespectful to Pepper Winters It was NO WHERE nearly as good I was so confused from the beginning There was nothing in the description nor a prologue telling us it was futuristic At least that's what I call it when the world has basically lost most all water electricity and food except f

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    Amazing Seriously amazing The second I started this book read this book from cover to cover in one sittingI could not seem to bring myself to be able to put it down Highly recommend this book

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    35 stars Who do you belong to?Impressive for a debut novel A very imaginative story full of broken people with a messy and

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    Didn't like it

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    “You belong to me now”★✩★✩★ 5 Dark Devious Stars ★✩★✩★ this review may contain minor spoilersI was their property to abuse and barter as they pleased All I could hope for was that my eventual owner would be merciful But what were the odds of that? What kind of man would buy a woman?Autumn is on the run Hunted Alone scared and starving; but she is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to stay

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    ARC REVIEW FROM ABIBLIOPHOBIA ANONYMOUS BOOK REVIEWS THIS BOOK IS RATED 35 STARSAfter being broken for so long can you even put the pieces back like they were?Pieces of Autumn is a dark read one that will have you guessing how it will all end

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    I'm not feeling this book At all It's got potential but I can't connect with the MCs No rating as I didn't finish it

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