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Sunshine Smith's uninhibited warmth made her the darling of Reno showgirls Chadbourne Fitzhugh III's pedigree and doctorate suited him for ivory tower univer.

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Showgirl The Professor

Sity life When a math class brought them together they became living proof that opposites attract with a vengeanceEnthralled by Sunny's sensual allure Chad w.

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As eager to give her some very private tutoring But would their unlikely love pass the test of timeor teach them a harsh lesson in irreconcilable differences.

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    That’s one titillating title and coverThe collide fall roll entangle beginning and the insta lust seem to indicate a soft porn slant in this odd coupleteacher student trope But the book’s than that The H initially stuffy but cute soon exposes himself as a narrow minded chauvinist He’s a professor a Mensa member but with a definitely stymied emotional growth and some very outdated notions about women sexuality and morality The usual d

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    H is repressed h isn't He discovers true lust for the first time he marvels at the idea that it's possible to want to have sex than o

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    Another volume of vastly entertaining nonsense I laughed my head off at parts that probably shouldn't have amused me so much