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N out of steam they're authenticand we're keeping it real reminisce thisChaucer Tales were an unfinished business   Award winning poet Patience Agbabi presents an inspired remix of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales retelling all of the stories from the Miller's Tale to the Wife of Bath's in her own critically acclaimed poetic sty. Favourite poem What Do Women Like Bes

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Telling Tales

Le Celebrating Chaucer's Middle English masterwork for its performance element as well as its poetry and pilgrims Agbabi's collection is utterly uniue Boisterous funky foul mouthed sublimely lyrical and bursting at the seams Telling Tales takes one of our most significant works of literature and gives it thrilling new life?. I really enjoyed this collection a fresh and engaging take on the Canterbury tales the unfinished cycle of poems by Geoffrey Chaucer Retold for the 21st century this captures the heart of the originalsJoined up writing broke my heart I loved the wife of baths tale what do women like bes The physicians tale with its changing text fonts worked wellI couldn t read the Monk s tale the text was unreadable to me Perhaps another time but not nowAs a bonus feature Agbabi has included a mini biography for each character in the talesThis is well worth your time

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A brilliant reeinterpretation of The Canterbury Tales for the 21st century   Tabard Inn to Canterb'ry CathedralPoet pilgrims competing for free picksChaucer Tales track by track it's the remixFrom below the belt base to the topnotch;I won't stop all the clocks with a stopwatchwhen the tales overrun run offensiveor run clea. view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler

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    If Chaucer were alive today and spent most of his time battle rapping this book would be the result Alive with energy and spunk these skilled and highly irreverent rhymes are of sufficient uality to do justice to the orig

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    These poems are gorgeous inventive irreverent and joyous I loved them I'd previously read and taught with individual poems but they're

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    Favourite poem What Do Women Like Bes'?

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    I don't usually read poetry but I came across this at a library book sale I couldn't pass up a modern day version of the Canterbury Tales This is absolutely genius

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    Modern poetry at its best

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    I really enjoyed this collection a fresh and engaging take on the Canterbury tales the unfinished cycle of poems by Geoffrey Chaucer Retold for

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    COMMENT I love poetry I hate poetry I love poetry Poetry is boring I love poetry There is not a single poet left alive I love poetryWhat is the deal with me and poetry anyway? It has to be said contemporary poetry has been disappointing for the past fifty years Whether French or English it has mostly been a rehash of emotional clichés served in inferior form Most writers wannabes take on poetry because it feels easy On

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    Read for an English class I liked the idea of a contemporary retelling of the Canterbury tales which I am sort of familiar with but haven't read but as it turned out the parts from Agbabis retelling I enjoyed were really just he original gags from Chaucers tales and so nothing new Maybe if she had allowed herself