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Shes amongst his ranks are his new daily routine; but that's all about to change A chance meeting with a stranger tips Jared's world off it's axis and he's going to uestion what's really important Come join Jared his sister best friend and those he meets along the way as he learns to choose if surviving is enough or if there is really to lifeMALEFEMALE romance; violence; language abuse; male pov I was given this book by the author for an honest review This story was not what I expected at all I m not even sure what I expected some sort of zombie story that involved mutant human people eating humans that is what I thought this was going to be I don t even like zombie moviesstories because it s always the same thing there is apocalyptic terror everywhere and everyone is on their own This story is much than that and I was happily surprised The whole story is told in first and second person from Jared I was very surprised to see some parts of the story with Jared speaking to us in second person He was funny witty and at times could be charming Ms LaMontague did fantastically at developing the characters in the story I think what made the characters stand out to me was all the dialogue she filled in the story There was a lot of banter sarcasm laughs and words of caring and love That was what intrigued me about the whole story all the characters were very much involved Ms LaMontagne did a phenomenal job at processing Jared s thoughts and emotions in various situations I felt like I knew him and I maybe felt like I understood the male brain a little better The other main character Olivia was a fantastic woman in the story Ms Lamontagne did a great job at developing Olivia Olivia has a very trouble past with nightmares that would bring anyone down a dark road but she s a strong vigilante woman She brought true trauma and terrors to the story but she also was a happiness that was forgotten in this world It was interesting to read about Olivia because she had symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues that she was fighting the whole time This story was not just about zombies and trying to survive in the world it was a dramatic coming of age tale of a boy trying to find out what type of man he wants to be and a woman fighting her nightmares so she can function normally Overall I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is a young adult or older who wants to read a thrilling action adventure coming of age story with very colorful characters I would like to thank Ms LaMontagne for sharing her work with me it was a pleasure

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Surge Wheezers #1

Likes sex he despises attachments and he doesn't take shit from anyone; he just happens to be living in a post apocalyptic world Almost two years ago the world as he knew it ended and he had to learn how to adapt to his new surroundings As the appointed leader of a ragtag group of strangers Jared's focus is on survivalGathering supplies fighting infected and ending daily disagreements or skirmi I suppose it s possible that I did not give this book much of a chance but I just could not on any level make myself care about the female lead in this story Suddenly I understand wholeheartedly what it is that bothers so many readers about a Mary Sue character Maybe I have a higher tolerance than others or maybe this particular Mary Sue out Mary s all the other Sues in Suesville I absolutely could not stand her not one bit She was a better fighter than everyone else She was smarter than everyone else She was beautiful than everyone else She figured out survival techniues that no one else had even considered Most all the other women hated her and were depicted as villainous because of it The group she was in actually asked her to show them all self defensive techniues even though the group she was in also included the person who showed her most of those moves in the first place and had been there for uite some time before M Sue even showed up Anytime the male lead said or did anything however small to leave Miss Perfect feeling in any way incensed the entire rest of the group practically strung him up for it It s like he had to go through pretty much every other member of the group before being allowed so much as a conversation with her all the while putting up with We ve got our eye on you type vibes from half of them at least To make things worse this group was one he himself actually started I do feel a little bit bad for disliking this character so much because of all the terrible things that had happened to her at the start of the book But to me bad things should just be considered bad things and not something that has to be used to make a specific character less contemptuous to the reader Anyway I just got to a point where I spent time perusing Goodreads for my next book than I was actually reading this one and didn t pick it up again Not only was the female lead insufferable to me I also got kind of bored I won t say that picking this up and finishing it at some point is impossible but it really isn t very likely

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Creatures lurking at your door step but are those what you should be afraid of or is there a greater monster to fear Jared Benson is a survivor but that's all he's done is survive He's about to meet a girl that's going to make him want than the ability to breathe but it comes with a price follow your head or your heartJared Benson is your average twenty three year old male he has a foul mouth he 35 StarsDamnthis was such a long book and it felt like it went on forever but I stuck it out and got through over 700 pagesI liked itdidn t love itjust liked it Kick ass heroineSnarky banterBitchy whiny womenCommitment phobesbutnot many zombies

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    This is a different book for me I read romance and as far as I can remember I've never read or wanted to read a book about the undead but there was just something about this book that called to me in fact it became something of a crusade since I found it purely by chance free on smashwords the night it came out but for som

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    45 stars for this completely outta the blue fantastic read it's been a while since I've been blown away by a book let alone a debutthis was SO fucking amazing I don't even know how to explain why it was just so good So instead I'll just mention the few things that kept this from being a 5 star read1 the atrocious editing Holy hell there were a lot of of errors A lot a lot of errorsit almost made me want to cry But IMO

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    35 StarsDamnthis was such a long book and it felt like it went on forever but I stuck it out and got through over 700 pagesI liked itdidn't love itjust liked it Kick ass heroineSnarky banterBitchy whiny womenCommitment phob

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    45 Stars I finished reading this story about a week ago but I’ve put off the review for many reasons The main being I don’t think I’ll do this book justice I know this is something book bloggers everywhere say at leas

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    Wow This was great At first I was wrong While I was reading the first 14 of this book I thought it wasn't the book for me I thought it was silly immature very childish I was sooooo wrong As the book progressed the main character became a man So all the silly childish things left the story Then the story cam together like none other There was violence gangs romance love sex revenge all wrapped perfectly together to make t

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    I suppose it's possible that I did not give this book much of a chance but I just could not on any level make my

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    Five stars for this original novel Found this on Smashwords and could not put it down It may be a zombie novel but there's so much to it Action romance abuse etc so it appeals to several of my favorite genresThe characters were well d

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    SURGE by Katelin LaMontagne was provided to me free of charge in eBook format by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis rev

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    I was given this book by the author for an honest review This story was not what I expected at all I'm not even sure what

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    I was giving this book thru the author for my honest review This is a ZombieLoveViolence kind of story For this being Katelin's first book I have to say you did awesome I couldn't put it down I just had to know what happened next If y

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