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Clint By Alexia Stark

Mellie should know better than to challenge Clint He’ll win and he has no ualms showing her h.

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It sexual situations and language as well as a fetish some readers might not enjoyWord count 33.

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E knows what he’s talking aboutContent Warning This story contains adult material with explic.

About the Author: Alexia Stark

Content warning I write mainly pseudo incest please assume any or all of my titles contain this theme and blocks many of my titles from the search engine for being taboo so check my author page oftenI'm Alexia Stark I'm an Irish author who loves to push social norms in written form I'm uiet shy and unassuming by day I'm the absolute LAST person you'd expect to write such naughty

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    This is a very short taboo erotica book From page 1 it is clear that The characters in this story are not your average vanilla folks The book begins with an adult male Clint an adult female Melanie or Mellie sitting at the dinner table with their parents Clint's father and Melanie's mother having dinner together on the

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    I will have to say that I never thought about having a conversation at the table like Mellie and Clint have at the table with their parentsThese two seem to challenge each other all the time and Clint finally decides to give Mellie what he wan

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    Clint the stepbrother teases Melanie his stepsister about being a virgin while she antagonizes him about his girls He finds her at the old swing in the backyard and has his way with her in a hot sex encounter This

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