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O prominence first as challenger and then world champion; his loss of the title to Alekhine and his efforts to recapture the championship in the last years of his too short life What emerges is a portrait of a complex man with far ranging interests and concerns in stark contrast to his robotic reputation.

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José Raúl Capablanca

This is the most complete and thorough biography of Jose Raul Capablanca one of the greatest players in the history of chess Beginning with his family background birth childhood and introduction to the game in Cuba it examines his life and play as a young man; follows his evolution as a player and rise t.

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As the chess machine Meticulously researched utilizing many sources available only in Capablanca's home country it puts truth to legend regarding a man who stood astride the chess world in of its most dynamic and dramatic eras Numerous games and diagrams complement the text as do a wealth of photographs.