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Haracter to discuss such topics as his achievements as a military strategist his con. This is a good book for those who like me before reading it know only a few facts about William Tecumseh Sherman Robert O Connell gives a good outline of his highly eventful life showing him to be a military man through and through He likes people theater the Union and winning He has a great sense of geography which enhances his strategic thinking He knows how to cut losses and thereby save livesIt is a book of surprises The first one was on p 5 a drawing Sherman made as a Cadet at West Point Other surprises are Sherman s banking career his role in the discovery of CA gold his marriage to his foster sister his powerful political family his brother is the Sherman of the anti trust legislation his leadership in a Louisiana military academy his affair with Vinnie Ream his son s entry into the priesthood and The last surprise is General Joseph Johnston serving as a his pall bearerI appreciated the early discussion on the West Point curriculum what it was and what it wasn t The professional relationships of Sherman and Henry Halleck and General Grant are well drawn Sherman s planning for and execution of the Atlanta Campaign and the March to the Sea it are good summaries for the general reader as are the occupations of Memphis and Savanah The March was uite different than I envisioned itO Connell shows a enlightened man than the image of brutality that often surrounds his name He is ferocious on behalf of the Union but when towns surrender their people are treated as fellow citizens His war is his passionate defense of the Union His liberation of slaves is to strike at the plantation owners who tore the Union apart Having newly freed men give him information and assist on campaigns he gets to know them and understand their situation He becomes ahead of his time on race and race relations His marchers at the Grand Review include the Blacks who worked along with his troopsThe book is arranged such that the career history is separate from the personal life This seemed to create two different Sherman s In the career part he is pictured as a good husband and family man despite his wife Ellen s father s demands and her strong religious commitment although his work keeps him many miles and many months away from the family The second part shows the couple s uarrels over money religion and Sherman s affairs making hard to imagine the marriage as portrayed in the parallel career chronologyThe author does not address Sherman s middle name and it is not clear if Tecumseh was his first name changed to his second by his foster father Thomas Ewing Whether it was his first or middle name why would Charles Sherman name his son for a Shawnee leader p272 determined to prevent white encroachment O Connell calls Sherman pxix virtually a human embodiment of Manifest Destiny without irony Whatever the issues Sherman must have been attached to this unusual name and gives it to his son known as P Tecumseh ShermanO Connell succeeds in showing Sherman s complexity his major role in keeping the Union united and then tying it together via the railroad You come to see Sherman without the war crimes baggage and think of him as O Connell does as one of the few historical figures who would fit right into the current age

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A profile of the iconic Civil War general explores the paradoxes attributed to his c. He stood by me when I was crazy and I stood by him when he was drunk now sir we stand by each other always William Tecumseh Sherman on his relationship with Ulysses S Grant William Tecumseh ShermanThe importance of second in commands became very apparent to me while reading this book If you think back to Alexander the Great and the close relationship he had with his friendconfidantlover Hephaestion he was never the same after Hephaestion s death Robert E Lee struggled after the death of Stonewall Jackson Jackson was a facilitator who didn t uestion Lee but merely did his best to give him what he wanted At Gettysburg Lee missed Jackson but actually James Longstreet one of my favorite brooding generals of the Confederacy gave Lee valuable advice but it wasn t what Lee wanted from him He wanted him to be like Jackson The relationship between Longstreet and Lee could never be the same as the blind loyalty inspired by the Lee and Jackson s friendship If Grant had not had Sherman the war could have gone on for considerably longer I could make the case that if Sherman had been incapacitated maybe a Philip Sheridan could have stepped up and made that famous March to the Sea but would the same trust have existed Would Sheridan have been able to burn Atlanta or make the decision to destroy as much of South Carolina as he could lay a torch to Sherman and Grant were both flawed human beings and each recognized those flaws in the other This shared weakness formed a bond of trust which allowed Grant to feel comfortable letting Sherman have lots of loose rope to play with Interestingly enough when Sherman was given his own command with absolute power in the West he was nearly incapacitated by crushing self doubts and depression He discovered that he worked best as a general with enough power to realize his strategies but with the strain buffered by someone above him with ultimate control and responsibility The Peacemakers 1868 by George P A Healy with Sherman Grant Lincoln and Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter Notice who is talking Sherman was known for being a motor mouth Grant and Sherman were both fortunate that Abraham Lincoln a man well documented for suffering from melancholy verging on madness was the man making the decisions about who was in command Lincoln trusted their flawed natures than probably any other president would have had the foresight to do so It is almost impossible to talk about Grant without talking about Sherman or talking about Sherman without talking about Grant Their ascensions were woven together like braided rope Ulysses S GrantThe duo made mistakes when they were fighting out West but they learned from them When Lincoln lost patience with his generals in the East it only made sense that he would go out West and bring those generals who were having success to the main event in the East It took a special man to put thousands of men through a meat grinder and Grant turned out to be the right man for the job As Sherman made his March to the Sea he avoided large skirmishes and became concerned about his boys living to see their families again He was a fiery man who may have been hated when he first took command but it didn t take long for his soldiers to learn to love him Sherman had this amazing gift for remembering vast stretches of terrain that was made possible by his photographic memory Sherman was a prodigy of geography During the Civil War no matter how befuddled the swamp or forest or mountain range if Sherman had been there he remembered it exactly And since he had seen so much of the South he became a kind of human geolocation system It was an awesome military talent but at the time he was developing it it was nearly invisible to those around him It may not have even struck Sherman as that unusual it was simply something he did and assumed others shared Could another general have been as effective making his way through the Southern terrain as Sherman He made sure that foragers or bummers as they liked to call themselves understood that they weren t there to line up the population and shoot them or conduct mass rapes He stressed to his men that these were Americans Burn their houses take their food but do not kill them unless you have to Part of how he insured that the men followed his instructions was to make sure there were plenty of officers overseeing the pillaging This was commendable The South still sees his March as one of the most vilifying moments of the war which is perfectly understandable but another general might have let his soldiers loose and the destruction might have been far insidious in nature After the war Sherman was tasked with extending the railway lines West Railway lines bisecting the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast would be the final nail in the coffin of the American Indian Sherman was instrumental in the destruction of the buffalo herds as a means to take away the indigenous population s ability to feed themselves It was most effective He shattered the South bulldozed the Indians and reduced the buffalo to scrap When I put all of these factors together it is hard to think of a man who had a bigger impact on the 19th century in America or to consider anyone who was directly responsible for so much destruction I had no idea Robert L O Connell does a wonderful job not only bringing Sherman to life for me but also revealing his tempestuous relationship with his wife Ellen He had grown up with her in the Thomas Ewing household so he literarily knew her for his entire life She was a stringent Catholic and he was ambivalent at best about religion This caused much stress in their relationship as she wanted her children raised and taught in the best Catholic schools and he wanted them to have a secular upbringing He lost those battles as he did most of his disagreements with Ellen The shadow of her powerful father a man who served in than one cabinet position for the federal government had a hugely adverse impact on their relationship Her allegiance was always to her father first and her husband second until Sherman rose to prominence after the war and became a revered person in America than her father It was an interesting backstory to see how their at times tormenting relationship impacted Sherman in various ways as he tried to make his way through war and life Despite all that he loved her and certainly they had an amorous relationship whenever they were in close enough proximity to one another corroborated by the arrival of eight children Vinnie Ream the talented woman with the tresses and distressesLater in his life there was a woman by the name of Vinnie Ream a talented sculptor who Sherman talked of Toying with your long tresses and comforting your imaginary distresses I won t say about that You will have to read the book to find out the salacious details Certainly he was a flawed man and a ruthless man willing to do what it takes to end the Civil War or end the war with the American Indians Where you live probably determines a lot of how you feel about Sherman I will say O Connell revealed a man to me that was much different than the man I thought I knew As politics splits this country down the middle with the South becoming redder and New England becoming bluer I can t help but have the feeling that we ve seen this all before If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Tributions to the Transcontinental Railroad and his tempestuous family relationships. First of all put aside the legends that have accrued to the name The March to the Sea the War is all hell uote the man simply has one of the greatest faces in American history Who but a Southerner a Tea Party nut or a pacifist could fail to see the beauty of itCounter to the image of these steel eyes that seem to look directly into the terror of this nation s dilemma I am very surprised to hear that when this redhead spoke he could be nervous and verbose I had been under the impression he had been no nonsense and reticent like US Grant In fact when he was stationed in Kentucky at the onset of the Civil War it was these ualities while planning out the western strategy that had caused journalists and those of the military hierarchy to deem him insane But his stepfather Thomas Ewing had pull in Washington never knew he had that kind of family backing though I was aware blood brother John was an influential senator rising in power as the Civil War rose As a young man Cump missed out on being tested in war which he needed and desired working the country for opportunity in Florida during the Second Seminole War next in undeveloped golden Spanish California as the Gold Rush broke out St Louis too a few stints leading banks that brought him good income but hardly a career An excellent un rooted 19th century American life this unsuccessful man nevertheless was able to receive two audiences with two different presidents thanks to those connections before finally realizing his talents at the brutal battle of Shiloh Despite Sherman s volubility his thoroughness and energy brought to any new venture that invariably led him to bad luck Lincoln was able to look past the reputation of insanity and failure for the uality of the man Today Lincoln Grant and Sherman would be categorized as depressives men whose psychologies were in need of help but back in the 19th century they left them alone and simply called them leaders Sherman married his foster sister Ellen at a time when he was struggling with a military career that gave him no battles or promotion hopeful all the same She preferred home in Ohio He kept having to come back to her from some far flung adventure usually in banking They stuck together her Roman Catholicism turned him into an agnostic Post Civil War he apparently had an eye for young women including a Washington sculptor named Vinnie Ream whose bust of Lincoln sits in the Capitol rotunda today This facet of the man and a closer look at the path he cut from Atlanta in flames through Georgia in rebellion onward to the sea and Savannah I look forward to taking up with some other writer one who has as strong an eye for analysis as Cump did war

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    ”He stood by me when I was crazy and I stood by him when he was drunk; now sir we stand by each other always” William Tecumseh Sherman on his relationship with Ulysses S Grant William Tecumseh ShermanThe importance of second in commands bec

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    “Not unexpectedly Sherman’s final destination was St LouisHe was buried next to Ellen and Willy in Calvary Cemetery a permanent resident at last But he was America’s He played a significant role in defining us – dimensionally in the nature and spirit of our fighting forces and our ethos or at least the celebrity version of it Historically he was one of the ingredients for what we became A continent for the taking brought f

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    Thanks to Goodreads and Random House for the advance copy This one comes out July 1st 2014 and I highly recommend More than a biogr

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    This is a good book for those who like me before reading it know only a few facts about William Tecumseh Sherman Robert O’Connell gives a good outline of his highly eventful life showing him to be a military man through and through He likes people theater the Union and winning He has a great sense of geography which en

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    According to Robert L O’Connell in his new book AMERICAN PATRIOT THE TANGLED LIVES OF WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN the life of the Civil War hero should not be portrayed in the traditional fashion by preparing a chronological narrative because its results would be too cumbersome Instead the author has produced a fascinating book that consists of three parts that add up to a biography but is organized in a rather

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    I pre ordered this book the moment I saw it on and began reading with great anticipation the day it arrived Sherman is long overdue for a ful

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    In the morning Sherman imposed full discipline rounded up his stragglers issued one hundred rifles to such civil authorities as remained and m

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    First of all put aside the legends that have accrued to the name The March to the Sea the War is all hell uote the man simply has one of the greatest faces in American history Who but a Southerner a Tea Party nut or a pacifist could

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    I enjoyed reading this book very much I'm not one for military biographies in general My husband is very knowledgeable in

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    I found the book superficial oddly segmented and full of statements that are not supported in the text O'Connell either gave up trying to write a perspicacious biography about Sherman or perhaps was not up to the task Yes Sherman was a very complex character living in a very complex time but historical biographers have been reveal