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Nna’suntil the wild night his innocently seductive pupil tempts him into bed and teaches him a thing or two about being with a woman he can’t forget Now that Hanna’s discovered the power of her own sex appeal it’s up to Will to prove he’s the only man she’ll ever ne. 375 4 Stars Seeing her face was strangely like being home again but also like meeting a beautiful girl for the first time image error

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A bombshell bookworm A chronic Casanova And a lesson in chemistry too scandalous for schoolWhen Hanna Bergstrom receives a lecture from her overprotective brother about neglecting her social life and burying herself in grad school she’s determined to tackle his implied assign. 4 ZIGGY STARSHello readers welcome to Beautiful player a story of falling in love friends to and I can t stop thinking about getting you into bed Yes this author duo has released yet another sexy romantic novel and I m happy to say I m left asking for Here are my Beautiful player book thoughts What s it all aboutHanna Bergstrom is as studious and focused as a student can be she loves her life and doesn t feel the need to delve into a social world around her when she has her books and brain to keep her company But when her family start to lecture her about her lack of social life she takes a step into the unknown and contacts her old childhood crush her brother best friend and playboy Will Sumner Hanna believes there s no better candidate than Will to show her the skills she needs to start a fresh start dating making friends maybe fall in love So when this uirky loveable heroine with no social filter comes up against the playboy with a big heart and even bigger sexual appetite who will end up teaching who when attraction gets thrown into the mix Beautiful player follows the story of Hanna and Will and finding themselves amongst the possibility of loveWhat did I loveThis book delivered on the dialogue front it was fresh amusing and sexy The banter sexting and relationship between Hannah and Will was engaging adorable and outright Hilarious I fell right into love with this story right up until around the 55% ish mark then things got a little dubious for me but not to worry the last 15% or so really turned it back around and I left the book with a solid 4 star feeling One of the most attractive elements of the book for me was the heroine Hanna and her lack of Filtering This characters honest conversations and shocking thoughts made this ordinary love story into a hilarious portrayal of a gorgeously addictive character Hanna was utterly lovely I really connected with her uirky original ways and I m glad the authors created such a loveable heroine for the delectable Will Now I ll confess right here that I love a playboy man whore and even though this type of character has been used by authors time and time again I can t help but fall for a character just like Will His point of view although at times a little girly was utterly attractive I really fell for how he felt about Hanna and throughout the story his character consistency stood out for me As for the plot it s a tried and tested method there wasn t anything outstandingly original here but it was played out well the only problem I had with it is explained in my why not five But I love a friends to lovers plot and I love my romance to have a steamy factor to it and oh yes this book delivers on the relationship front The intimate scenes were deliciously hot there is no doubt here that these authors can write up a sex scene and there is plenty of them throughout this story Beautiful player delivers the sexy brings home the sweet and kept me entertained throughout I m a fan of this series and I loved getting a sneaky peak back into the lives of former characters of the series This series is a must click for me I just didn t have everything pointing to the five star feeling and here s why Why not fiveI don t know what went wrong here readers i m going to have to put this one down as a classic case of it s not you it s me This book had everything working in its favour to be lined up as a predictable five star from Lisa but the book fell flat with its delivery of its drama the conflict felt a little repetitive and instead of having the usual one off drama scene the book had the same issues circling around and around Beautiful player had a gorgeous start a dubious middle and a perfect ending The in between bit was were things went south for me the big misunderstanding was confusing two characters who up until this point had been honest to the very point of over sharing failed to communicate and I failed to relate to the drama and misunderstanding but don t be misunderstood this story has enough for me to be left with a smile on my face and any fans of this series will be delighted with these two cute as a button characters Final thoughts A gorgeous beginning a not so happening misunderstanding and the perfect ending A series that always delivers on the sexy and sweet don t miss out on Hanna and Will s story Go grab it readers enjoy Kisses

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Ment get out make friends start dating And who better to turn her into the sultry siren every man wants than her brother’s gorgeous best friend Will Sumner venture capitalist and unapologetic playboyWill takes risks for a living but he’s skeptical about this challenge of Ha. 45 starsThe things I loved about this book were plentiful but I think it can be summed up by saying the plot in this is actually so fun and relatable and you don t have to read the first two books in this series to enjoy it Whereas for the Sweet Filthy Boy series you should read the books beforehand to know the set up this pivots toward a character that hasn t been seen before much so I think you could read this without reading the others and still really enjoy it especially because the writing romance characters and plot are even elevated than they were previously in the seriesI like this series primarily because it s smutty and fun but I go into them knowing that they re somewhat farfetched raunchy and delve into topics I m not interested in or can t relate to However this book I actually think the main character was so much humanized because her struggles were emotional and went beyond her desire to have sex Her relationshipfriendshipwhatever with Will was so well developed and gradual and the conflict of this was realistic and plausible than the previous books so it made me be able to see myself in the main character than in previous books I really had no complaints with this book other than the plot of it is a little dry in comparison to some of their newer books so it s character driven than plot driven I love character driven stories but the stakes in this felt very low because it was just them going running going to work going to the bar then going home and that was about it for most of the story Still I loved seeing the emotional journey the characters experienced together and again I would totally recommend this either in the series or as a standalone

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    FIVE STARSBR with my Lovely Alice I had heard from a few friends that this one was their favorite in the series I didn't think it could be possible after meeting Max Stella in Beautiful Stranger because I have a major weakness for British men Holy Crap I LOVED THIS BOOK HARD I can't stop thinking about it I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Mr Will Sumner Get a load of that name Even the name is god damn SEXY AS HELLI now under

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    4 ZIGGY STARSHello readers welcome to 'Beautiful player' a story of falling in love friends to and I can't stop thinking about gett

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    45 StarsOh Will Sumner my Will Sumner Where can I even meet someone like you? It's been a while since I've read Beautiful

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    45 starsThe things I loved about this book were plentiful but I think it can be summed up by saying the plot in this is actually so

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    375 4 Stars ”Seeing her face was – strangely – like being home again but also like meeting a beautiful girl

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