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Leila lived with her pack all her life It was until she was forced into an arranged marriag. I thought that this book was good and it s on Wattpad Einsteins Generation until she was forced into an arranged marriag. I thought that this book was good and it s on Wattpad

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The Alpha Meets The Rogue

E that she ran away from home She turned into a rogue and while running away from an Alpha. A M A Z I N G

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She ends up kidnapped by another one The exception for this was one this Alpha was her mate. Time wasted Just no no way in hell

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    Not really sure how to rank this I really did not like Dylan at all He came off as abusive to me I wish her mate could have been Blake I liked Blake Eric and Liam Dylan just didn't do it for me She was basically a prisoner She was wishy washy to me This always using seduction to get her point across was ridiculous Use your words Jace needed to be put in his place The story needed to be a little co hesive Good story line though

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    How far are you willing to go to protect the one you love? The Alpha Meets The Rogue us one of the most amazing story about werewolf out there Once I start reading I couldn't stop Yeah this story is that good and addicting Leila the temptress

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    I thought that this book was good and it’s on Wattpad

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    Spoiler i am going to rant on the parts that really pissed me off so if you dont want some spoilersUggggggghi just couldn't get through the whole thingLeila just got on my nerves I believe she has multiple personality disorder She runs away from her pack and family because she doesn't want to marry the neighboring pack's alpha which i can understand i mean who wants to marry some guy who is almost twice yourSo am thing y

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    I like this bookyet I don't Leila will walk backwards for everyone but Dylan She is supposed to be his mate but talks with Eric through her mind tells him everything lies to Dylan choose Blake and Liam over Dylan stand by Eric and doesn't want to leave him when Dylan just lost a pup with her and she hardly speaks to himI could go on and on How are they mated but she always chooses everyone but him It like he is just her toy for

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    Time wasted Just no no way in hell

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    The female lead is fucking bipolar Don't have any idea what she's doing and I don't know how some people love herLeft halfway to the book didn't even complete 10 chapters there are times when it feels like you're young to burst into t

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    To be fair I've read a lot worse werewolf romance books out there and this one comes nowhere near them Although this is not the most amazing story out there I found it to be pretty decent and uite engaging I enjoyed the plot and writ

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    Excellent read Loved this story on Wattpad On of the best werewolf books I have read

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