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Atile meals with mince for every day of the weekChili beef hotpotChicken and chorizo burgersThai lamb and tomato currySizzling beef pizzaSmokey turkey fajitasMoroccan meatball tagineYou’ll never again be left wondering what to cook for dinne.

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Mincespiration by Dean Edwards

Pizzas pasties curries cobblers hotpots stroganoffs burgers and pies Soups salads koftas kebabs pilafs moussakas wraps and meltsMighty mince has long been a handy and budget friendly standby found in fridges and freezers up and down the countr.

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Y But there’s to this tasty staple than spag bol and shepherd’s pie In this his first collection of easy to follow recipes bursting with big flavours TV chef Dean Edwards takes inspiration from all over the world to whip up super uick vers.

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    Dean Edward’s career as a TV chef began when he appeared in BBC’s Masterchef Goes Large in 2006 Since then he has had his own series ‘Take on Takeaway’ appeared on ‘This Morning’ and is a regular on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ Despite his increasing popularity this is his first cookbookThe theme of the recipes as the title implies is minced meat Personally I think that this could not have come at a better time as

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