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Eals the sources and impressions on which he draws as well as describing his theoretical approach and working methods In addition to well known key works in his oeuvre this book presents many projects that have been realized or are under construction but which have hitherto not been published or have not received the attention they deserve.

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Herman Hertzberger Articulations Architecture

Herman Hertzberger one of the initiators of Structuralism in architecture is known today for the great international influence he exerts as an architect both through his buildings and his theoretical ideas Although he has extended his formal vocabulary since the 1990s the structural concept remains a dominant element of his work A further.

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Focus of his activities lies in urban planning projects where alongside the large scale spatial concepts the inner structures of the buildings themselves are also organized along the lines of a city This topical monograph provides not only a comprehensive view of Hertzberger's buildings and projects from 1962 to the present day It also rev.

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    My copy has an eggshell gray cover with a small city blocks abstraction in the upper right hand corner which I like better

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    the architecture of a great architect Hertzberger

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