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Able he witnesses disturbing visions that take the form of the horror he is attempting to write Is Max losing his mind or his soul What is the truth about Fairfax And what is the secret of Burnt Island. Another writer of the Tell don t show schoolThanks but no thanks

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Burnt Island

Struggling writer Max Long arrives on Burnt Island to work on his next novel There he encounters bestselling author James Fairfax whom Max suspects of not being the real author of the book that has mad. Hard slippery little sentences make up this satire of the writing life Read here

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E his fortune Further Fairfax's wife has gone missing In a desperate bid for success Max decides to compromise his talent by writing a horror bestseller Recently divorced and increasingly mentally unst. This strange and clever little book is incredibly meta in terms of both plot and meaning as it follows an author in his attempts to write a book but is in fact a very allegorical take on the writing process itself Thompson affectionately takes a satirical jibe at the notion of penning a bestseller as the the main character talks of wanting to write in a very unimaginative structured by the books way so that his next book will tick all the boxes of the next big thing the the plot becomes bizarre and events spiral out of all normalcy and control as though Thompson is herself acknowledging why she s never likely to top the bestsellers listIt has a playful edge with the atmospheric and intrigue building opening feeling very much like a classic horror story an isolated island setting a down on his luck protagonist mysterious goings on with the locals etc and even has several references to other such works including du Maurier s The Birds The character creates a checklist of dos and don ts for writing his bestseller including no symbolism and no metaphors the irony being that this book and Thompson s work in general is practically nothing but symbolism and metaphors This is emphasised when the character then writes no one likes a book they can t pigeonhole as that is precisely what this isThe language is simple and understated with flashes of real beauty that create impact particularly when describing the setting ie The view through the massive window faced west over the sea and the sun setting over the horizon flooded the room casting a pink hue over the white furniture like slanting sunlight on snow Ultimately this is a book written for writers examining in a creative intelligent and darkly abstract way the nature of imagination and how it is both a writer s blessing and a curse being in essence a cautionary tale about the danger of being increasingly drawn into your own world how distant this can make you from reality and how destructive that can be

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    This is uite a slow burner of a story that gradually creeps up on you as it does Max Long a struggling author offered a uniue and somewhat unusual chance by an unknown benefactor to spend three months on Burnt Island focusing on hi

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    I'd read the blurb for this book – writer applies for a fellowship on a Scottish island and mysteries ensue – and noted the price three bucks on Kindle and took the plunge I mean I've spent on bad coffee let

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    Hard slippery little sentences make up this satire of the writing life Read here

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    An island as a holiday retreat a voluntary escape is a relatively new idea In old days you could find yourself on a faraway island most probably after a shipwreck If you managed to reach the land your fight for a survival had only began Books and movies love to fuse these ideas and for example in Danny Boyle’s cult movie “The Beach” a

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    This strange and clever little book is incredibly meta in terms of both plot and meaning as it follows an author in his attempts to w

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    Wasn't keen on this I found the plot very predictable and the dreamlike uality that increasingly took over seemed to be a tool for not finishing up loose ends than anything else

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    Another writer of the Tell don't show schoolThanks but no thanks

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    Alice Thompson Burnt Island Salt Publishing 2013If you are a fan of books about writers and horror novels you have probably read this setup a number of times before a novelist suffering writer's block is offered space and time to complete his new novel by another writer Writer A gratefully accepts finds his host to be charming if

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    A chilling gothic novel set on Burnt Island itself where writer Max Long falls prey to the possibly supernatural forces of the island as well as other human forces The story is well written with a fast moving pace and interesting characters I found I got involved very uickly and it left me with a rather haunted feeling which remained long after finishing the book

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    This is a diverting read though it gets silly towards the end which for me makes it lose any real sense of being