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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Beth Kery presents Because You Are Mine an exciting tale of erotic obsession 12 Because You Are Mine series book 1 8 of 8 Another whirlwind romance with a dominant controlling rich sexy alpha male hero Because You Are Mine Ian s Francesca s story is an 8 part series released in the fall of 2012 Combined they make a 368 page read Please note that the Omnibus will be released in March 2013 And there will be a seuel to this series When I m With You Lucien s Elise s story to be released in 8 weekly installments starting March 3 2013 series complete by April 23 2013Since I am a reader in need of a HEA I made sure I waited to read this series until all installments had been released I read it in one sitting thus I will review as a set Hero Ian NobleBritish30 years oldmogul playboydark hairblue eyesdomHeroine Francesca ArnoAmerican23 years oldstudent artistred gold hairbrown eyesinnocentFrancesca is a young artist who entered her painting in a competition held by the billionaire Ian Noble She wins the competition and is commissioned to create the centerpiece painting for the lobby of Ian s new Chicago Skyscraper The book opens up at the reception held in her honor Ian and Francesca are introduced and she feels in instant attraction recognizing he is out of her league while he is intrigued but reserved He knows she is too innocent for the likes of him Francesca is a bohemian she is na ve sweet and kind She has a strained relationship with her parents never uite measuring up She lives with her three male roommates who are very protective of her Ian on the other hand is the rich and extremely successful business mogul he is enigmatic worldly handsome sexy and oh so dominant and too corrupted for her But there is much to it because Ian is full of secrets For starters The reception was not their first encounter Four years prior Francesca had painted The Cat That Walks By Himself As it turns out Ian had been the inspiration for that painting She had been sad to have to sell it And Ian had bought and tracked her downIan tries to fight his attraction to Francesca but it s a losing battle and so their whirlwind romance begins taking us across the ocean while Ian and Francesca get to know each other and have lot of scorching hot sex But as Ian s secrets are revealed his mysterious past continues to cast shadows over their relationship Their love is challenged and their future threatenedI thoroughly enjoyed Ian s Francesca s story And I very much look forward to Lucien s Elise s story in When I m With You Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsStoryline concept rating 45 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 45 starsOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes

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Because You Are Mine Because You Are Mine #1

Easy part But when passion opens the door to an intimacy neither has known can a man known for being unbendable learn to lov We have another rich guy who had a bad childhood and now has to be in control of everything Ian meets Francesca and has to have her While Francesca embraced his sexual domination too fast and too willingly I just could not warm up to this guy He was too closed up and too cold He also was good at buying his way into her favor after he screwed upI am not a fan of giving someone the right to punish you for whatever reason There is too much room to abuse this and Ian is a good example of this He would turn her ass red for whatever imagined infraction he perceived she did After a while I realized that whenever he would punish her it was because he could no longer deal he needed it to cope I would have respected him had he just told her I like to spank you for my pleasure and not make up excuses and putting her in the wrong Francesca being a virgin was just too willing to go along with everything Now it does seem that she enjoyed some of the spankings but the way Ian treated her and the reasons just did not work for meI did enjoy watching Francesca grow and even stand up to Ian at the end

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When they met the instant attraction was unmistakablea purely exuisitely physical charge Succumbing to their desires is the We all know that ultimately a novel is a collaboration between author and reader An author usually writes the book that heshe would want to read and then each reader synthesizes the words absorbing them through the filter of his or her own experiences tastes background and s with the end result being a uniue reading experience No two readers will ever experience a story in exactly the same way Because of that it always intrigues me to read negative reviews of a book I have loved or vice versa This was especially true today when I read some of the low rated reviews of Beth Kery s Because You Are Mine an erotic romance that I just finished and loved Foremost among the criticisms was that it is in many ways a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey There are similaritieswe have Ian the dominant alpha billionaire hero with a troubled past and an affinity for BDSM who needs to punish and control Francesca the beautiful naturally submissive heroine Ian like Christian Grey professes that he can offer sexual pleasure but not love or romance Further a few of the scenes set ups and secondary characters in Because You Are Mine are deeply evocative of Fifty While these similarities made a negative impression on some readers for me it was just the opposite And we can t forget Fifty itself was the retelling of another tale Far from being a hindrance I loved seeing how Kery would take these similarities and make the story her own and she did not disappoint The caliber of her writing the crafting of her characters and her beautiful language make Because You Are Mine very compelling fiction erotic writing at its finest Writing in third person my preference because it allows an author to tell a broader richer story Kery took me on an emotional journey with Ian and Francesca One of my favorite elements of the novel is the fact that years prior to their first meeting Francesca an artist had seen Ian from the rear and been moved enough to capture his desolation on canvasShe d painted him four years ago That s what he was telling her that he knew she d observed him walking the dark lonely streets in the dead of the night while the rest of the world slumbered warm and content in their beds Francesca hadn t realized the identity of her inspiration at the time nor had he probably known he was being observed until he saw the painting but there could be no doubt of it Ian Noble was the cat who walked by himself And he d wanted her to know itThat s a beautiful scene one that speaks to the heart of the connection between these two characters When it comes to erotic romance Beth Kery is at the top of her game and the top of my listThere were also a few things about this book that I loved on a personal note eg when Ian takes Francesca to Paris they stay at the Hotel George V Apparently it s the hotel of choice for fictional billionaires I have it on good authority that Heaven in the Dark s David Swift always stays there Also as the book is set largely in Chicago the protagonists visited many of my favorite spots Dinner at Trump s hotel Yes thanksIn summary the person that I am my tastes my experiences had a fulfilling journey with these characters For me Because You Are Mine was a work of beautiful nuanced writing and each turn of the page was time well spent

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    ★★★★12 Because You Are Mine series book 1 8 of 8 Another whirlwind romance with a dominant controlling rich sexy alpha male hero “Because You Are Mine” Ian’s Francesca’s story is an 8 part series released in the fall of 2012 Combined they make a 368 page read Please note that the Omnibus will be

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    This was originally put out as one of those new serialized series which i think is what had turned off many people from reading it myself included Yes the cost was kind of steep at 199 per installment and there are 8 total so that's

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    This was my third time reading this book the Ian Noble is a hot sexy rich British businessman who is a sexual dominate Francesca Arno is a struggling artist who he picks to do and painting for one of this buildings Francesca grew up with parents who didn't approve of her she was overweight and awkward she is also a 20 something year old virgin I also liked that Francesca was no pushover and that she stood up to Ian Ian

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    DNF ed at 10% WhyHERO He is a billionaire I can bet all my future and past paychecks that it will turn out hero had sad and tortured youth boo hoo There are immediately hints of his dominant tendenciesshe noticed his hooded gaze and slightly raised eyebrows “The woman wears the clothes Francesca Not the other

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    We all know that ultimately a novel is a collaboration between author and reader An author usually writes the book that heshe would wa

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    When this series was introduced as a serial novel and released a section at a time on I anxiously awaited the final installment to be released I refuse to purchase a small section at a time and have to wait a week before w

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    This book is rather disappointing Many said this series is comparable to Sylvia Day's Crossfire series so naturally i have high expectation because I LOVE the Crossfire series I bought this uite some time ago but withheld from reading it because I want to read it when I really have ample of spare time to enjoy it Well it turns out that spare time can be better used The similarity between those two premise is so

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    15 ⭐This isn't for me

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    We have another rich guy who had a bad childhood and now has to be in control of everything Ian meets Francesca and has to

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    This book was ok I must admit I struggled with the first 50% of the book and felt rather bored with the same monotonous sex scenes However the second half altered my opinion I began to warm to the characters Despite some of Ian's harsh words it was apparent he really loved Francesca I enjoyed Francesca's defiant personality at times challenging their relationship and encouraging this exceptionally organised and structured man to