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Les Judy brings practical tools from NLP to apply them to the specific challenges facing 8 12 year ol.

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Engaging NLP for Tweens

Following the success of NLP for Children and NLP for Teens Judy Bartkowiak brings out a new Engaging.

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NLP workbook for Tweens cover the key issues for the pre teen years As with all the Engaging NLP tit.

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    We all want our children to grow up in a safe and happy world where they will learn and play make friends and be free of stress don t we? This book will teach them about; Self Esteem; Setting goals; Controlling their mood; Managing criticism; Coping with change; Coping with grief and Making friends My favorite aspects of this book is how Judy has written it directly for the child themselves writing in their language re

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    This book is aimed at and written for tween aged children ie those aged approximately 8 12 years oldIt is an easy read filled with tools to help tweens cope with everyday scenarios and life's challenges Recommended

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