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A Gentle Grace Wedded Women uartet #4

Lady Grace Deringer has loved Lord Stephen Melbourne Earl of Terraview almost from the first moment they met She thought he returned her feelings but when he disappears mere weeks before their wedding she is left heart broken and disillusioned How could she have been so. Finally After 3 excruciating days I was able to finish this work If you can call it one If I can rate this story with negative stars I wouldIt was too overdramatic too over acting too childish too irritating and by far the most boring narrative in the series As I have mentioned it took me 3 days to finish reading this while less than a day for the first 3 There were nonsense musings and unnecessary interruptions from Catherine Margaret and Josephine And whenever the author describes Grace s and Stephen s emotions I always roll my eyes shake my head and I was like Can you please stop the histrionic and go on to the main point For a 26 year old grown woman Grace sure was a baby She kept on whining and whining I cannot decide which is vexing her or Josephine Stephen must have a pedophilic tendencies to fall in love with a woman child like GraceWhat kind of a mother Henrietta was Her daughter was jilted and humiliated but she encouraged Grace to chase after Stephen No wonder Grace didn t have any pride her mother was a perfect role modelSo much for she was not a dog and Stephen was most certainly not her master Perhaps they had a chance at true love but not until he gave her a very good reason for why he had left complete with a little begging Huh She let him ravish her on the floor most likely within an hour of her self declaration and without any explanation on his disappearance face palm She was not a gentle grace but a dumb doormat and puppyAnd what kind of a friend Margaret was She left Grace simply because she just had little patience for the crowded streets of London and craved the simplicity and solitude of her beloved Heathridge Estate That s a too shallow reason to leave her beloved friend behind even if Catherine and Josephine were there for Grace Pity because I liked her in her own storyPenultimately there wasn t a drama in this novella It was like a drama without a drama That the writer forced down a drama so that there will be a story Which made it irksomeWhen the factuality of Stephen s abandonment was revealed and he in truth was a hero she had treated him as the worst sort of villain and cry cry cry in the lonely nights crucifying himLastly if Stephen had an older half brother from his late father then the elder brother should be the earl not himIt was apparent that the author didn t know much about the Regency period the proper behavior and etiuette nor on successions I had the feeling that when she made a brief introduction about Almack s it was just a show to make it look like she made a research

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Ondon it is for one reason and one reason only to win back Grace’s heart no matter the costBut can Grace love the man who left her And can Stephen trust her with his most dangerous secret Find out in A Gentle Grace the fourth and final novella in the Wedded Women uarte. this was soo boring i was attracted to read this novel bcoz of all those prelude review that said grace the h was left behind by her handsome fiancee without any explanation here i expect an angst a deeper or grant revelation behind the reason for him to broken up their engagement just by sending her a letter and then pooff for months without any news to be heard of all that i got after reading the full chapters was just i thank god i dont spend money to bought this book for i will loathed every penny to waste on such a trivial plain not even match those horrified soap drama on tv feeling at least that cheap soap drma was entertaining enough wridiculous angst and their out of the world problem that keep us hook up for whatever emotionthis book blaghhthe flow and time is weird the way the author used the issue of his leaving her as the original problem and as the based of this novel s plot was fell flat when all we got when the H finally tell grace his reason only for us reader to read it as if it was an explanation from the 3rd viewi mean there was NO ACTUAL LINE OR DETAIL DELIVERED CONVERSATON IN LIVE THAT CAME OUT OF STEPHEN WHEN HE TOLD HIS REASON TO GRACE i mean what the F it was as if his explanation wasnt important enough to be written as a live conversation from him to make us reader knwn it directly from his lips it s just in the form of passive situation for god sake it was like so then stephen told her the story while grace listening to him and after that she got angry at him for not trusting her enough heh where s my once upon a time preambule from him and this was in 2 chapter heading to endGrace has 3 other BFF in total they have 4 girls in their small group each of them has various personallity grace was the calm one and the clumsy one and the less beautiful one the whole 4 girlfriends best friends fell for me as a cheap presentation of modern sex in the city who goes weird when it was forced as a plot for 1800 girls that came from a good line of family background in here our heroine that was given the identitycharacter as the shy not outspoken calm clumsy and kind and always stuffing and chewing pastry in her mouth and hungry all the time yes she does it makes me feel sick to read another pastry in their conversation or situation was not OBJECTED to having SEX OUT OF WEDLOCK even if that was done wstephen i mean what and they did it than once how out of character for her personally and their situation at that time and for her not even gotten pregnant from it months after was just is she hv the knwledge of a courtesan or a mistress at how to prevent prgenancy from sex outside marriage for she grace was not a common citizen and supposedly to be reserved in this issue but my other imagination of him to pullout and spend it on her stomach was just giving me vibe of a mistress to grace which i strongly refused that idea that for she was not came from that kind of situation this was all too modern to be forced on grace i cant connect wthatthe heroine of this novel was grace the eldest daughter of a broken earl her appearance oddly attracting a handsome and ofc wealthy former rakestephen they knwn each other for 4 years but the plot never told us wheter they got engage in all those 4 years or they just got engage in recent months before he left her whatgrace s family was in fnancial ruined and her mom was expecting her to get married to a rich guy thank god there s stephen who was an earl and wealthy enough to help her family unfortunately stephen left her and all we got was grace is angry for 50% bcoz stephen broke her heart and another 50% for him to not helping her family s situation i mean it s just weird it s like her family gunning after stephen as a gold target and angry of him for broken their daughter s heart but also to make their family loose all hope to be save from their finance problemand not to mentioned i also did not like grace character at all i cant stand when and author want to make her heroine as a weak cute calm shy girl but then in the other hands she was not that ALL shy nor weak when it comes to hey yo stephen lets have sex it s just out of character and can she stop for not mention i need to eat pastry or i like pastry or can we eat pastry for 1 second that line was everywhere repeteadly in every damn chapter not the thing that i would buy as a collection in my kindle

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Wrong about something she believed was so rightThe last thing in the world Stephen ever wanted to do was leave Grace For reasons he could not explain he was forced to give up the woman he loved for a woman whose life he was determined to save When he finally returns to L. I really don t even know where to begin with this one I always say that I don t want to give too much of it away because they re so damn enjoyable that I d hate to ruin it for you but whenever I get to the end of a series I want to just get on a loud speaker and tell everyone what happens and gush about it until someone stabs me in the throat to make me shut up Wow I think I got a little off topic there anywayThis is a beautiful ending to an excellent series that I really really loved I found myself connecting with Grace the most out of all four of these women She s the most like me especially when it comes to dealing with heartbreak and how it can make you feel For the first time reading these novellas I could actually feel myself in the place of a character and I suppose that s why I can say that this one actually made me cry Though it wasn t a happy cry that I would have liked it was a sad cry Depressed and angry Grace made me depressed and angry though I suppose that could be from my own personal life creeping in either way it was a beautiful and glorious momentI think that a writer who can connect their characters feelings with yours without even knowing it is just completely amazing If you ve read my previous reviews for this series I ve had nothing but praise for Miss Jillian and apparently she planned to keep it that way There was a point in the writing that I actually had to set the computer down and go into the other room to contemplate my own life and feelings for a while before I could come back and finish it It was a moment of Holy crap this totally pertains to my life I need to let this sink in before I continue Not many books can do that to you especially when it s set in a time that is different than the one that we currently live inSo here s to you Miss Jillian for writing a series that I absolutely loved to read and don t have to look back on as wasted hours of my life And here s to Catherine Margaret Josephine and Grace for being characters I completely adored and will forever remember in my literary mind May the five of you meet again some time so that I can read about you

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    Lady Grace Deringer thought her life complete with her engagement to her dream husband Lord Stephen Melbourne Earl of Terraview as she has loved him from the first moment they met He seemed to see past her clumsiness and lac

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    25The last book ended with Grace receiving a Dear John letter from Stephen her fiancee of 3 years and love of he

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    Finally After 3 excruciating days I was able to finish this work If you can call it one If I can rate this story with negat

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    I really don't even know where to begin with this one I always say that I don't want to give too much of it away because they're so damn enjoyable that I'd hate to ruin it for you but whenever I get to the end of a series I want to just get on a loud speaker and tell everyone what happens and gush about it until

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    A Gentle Grace is now available on

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    My favorite novel of the seriesWonderful story of true love Grace is sweet and real I truly related to her and wished for her happiness to become real Good friends beside her a man who was worthy of her love made for a great love story My absolute favorite of the series

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    Great BookI've loved every one of Jillian Eaton's books so far and this one was no exception In this book you can almost picture Grace falling over everything and falling asleep wherever she likes It has mystery and a lot of romance I'd recommend this book to everyone

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    this was soo boring i was attracted to read this novel bcoz of all those prelude review that said grace the h was left behind by her handsome

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    Okay I dithered about the rating and ended up going with the two stars instead of three but again after reading this novella I was left with a vague sense of disappointment rather than the deep sigh of satisfaction I know we like our characters to be flawed but I have read than one book in recent months where the heroine is so clums

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    Second chances plot and the last book in this historical English romance seriesLady Grace Deringer got majorly dumped by her smoking hot rich fiance and everyone in London is talking about it because no one believed that they were really going to get married anyway Grace is clumsy plain and shy so London society couldn't b

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