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Eligion is sweeping through them and King Olaf Tryggvason is hunting down and executing sorcerers When a decades old feud forces Thorbrand to choose between Kol and his duty to his kinsman Kol finds himself cast adrift with only the cryptic messages of an ancient goddess to guide him to his destiny and possibly to his deat. This falls as a middle of the road story for me I liked it but the pace was a little slow for my taste And while I loved all of the historical elements they were a a little teach y at times at didn t feel as well integrated into the story as I would have liked They often took me out of the flow of the story and were repeated numerous times so they began to feel repetitive Overall I d give this 35 starsOn the other side I really did enjoy Kol His youth and his confusion and growth were well balanced in this story I felt like I grew with him as he figured out how to be a man in a world that was going through some very dramatic changes His way of life was being changed from the outside and his powers made him into the target of a lot of those changes The new regime in religion wanting to wipe out the old isn t a new theme but would have been a very dangerous time to live in Christianity never tolerated the remainder of the old religions I liked the straight forward presentation of Christianities inroads into the Viking culture while still presenting their gods as real and an active part of their world I enjoyed my read and this does do a good job of balancing in the MM elements of the romance in this story It s fitting for a YA story the time period s beliefs are prevalent and an obstacle to overcome but yet not overpowering for the story The final view spoilerbattle at the end of the story hide spoiler

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In Viking Age Iceland where boys are expected to grow into strong farmers and skilled warriors there is little place for a sickly twelve year old boy like Kol until he catches the eye of a seið woman a sorceress and becomes her apprentice Kol travels to the sorceress’s home where her grandson Thorbrand takes Kol under h. This was a great YA title for a lot of reasons1 It isn t simplistic and it doesn t talk down to younger readers the way some YA titles do Nothing pisses me off worse than when I read a book and I feel like the author felt like it was good enough for YA A lot of the the mainstream YA books totally feel like that to me like the author doesn t think YA readers will notice the plot holes the flat characterization etc Well they do This book on the other hand feels like it was given all the attention and dedication it would have been had it been written for adults Which it could have been I m 26 and there s plenty for adults to enjoy2 There s a plot beyond the romance And a good one It s very fast paced and plenty of action which I like a lot Parts of it read like a good action movie I especially liked the sea battles You feel a lot of tension during the battle scenes The emotion the characters experience is balanced well with the I guess the logistics of the fighting3 And this might be the best part The author cleverly weaves a variety of personal social and religious issues into the fast paced main plot It never feels preachy or overbearing though Its done as a part of the characters and their world like what it s like to be small in a society that values brute strength and how you deal with that Even though it takes place in a fantasy historical setting I could really relate to Kol and not just because he was gay because he was different and not really his society s ideal I like how religion is discussed without mostly bias There s a lot going on beneath the surface something not all YA authors bother with see 14 The relationship really feels like two 12 year old boys They wrestle and insult each other and there s very little mushiness But still by the end a real sense of their loyalty to each other5 It felt very well researched I m not an expert and I probably will not know if something isn t accurate but at least it wasn t Viking stereotypesThis is a great book and it should be read not only by gay young men but just by kids who feel like they don t fit in I wish there had been stuff like this when I was a teenager

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Is wing Before long Kol discovers something else about himself that is different something else that sets him apart as unmanly Kol has fallen in love with another boyBut the world is changing in ways that threaten those who practice the ancient arts As Kol’s new life takes him across the Norse lands he finds that a new r. Free until 525 EST 82013 Go pick it up

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    One of the biggest strengths of this young adult historicalparanormal story is the authenticity of the unusual setting the life of a gay boy growing to manhood in Viking Iceland Kol is gifted with magical abilities which lead to his

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    This was a great YA title for a lot of reasons1 It isn't simplistic and it doesn't talk down to younger readers the way some YA titles do Nothing pisses me off worse than when I read a book and I feel like the author felt like it was

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    Seidman by James Erich is a wonderful read I think it takes a writer with special talents to be able to transport his reader to another continent another age to another civilization and make it seem real and honest and true to life This book should be rated with some of the greats in the historical genre for it's as good as any of them and better than a lot The writing was impeccable the plotting solid and the characters were as alive an

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    This story is very compelling I was hooked from the very first page The book is written from Kol's point of view I

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    Free until 525 EST 82013 Go pick it up

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    A young adult novel stars Kol a young man in Iceland in 994 AD not far off the voyage Leif Erickson made to what we now call the Maritime Provinces in North America He lives on a typical Icelandic sheep farm with his brother mother and a father who disparages him as weak because he is subject to seizures at odd times When the sorceress Alfdis visits his family she recognizes his psychic potential and makes him her apprentice This

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    This falls as a middle of the road story for me I liked it but the pace was a little slow for my taste And while I loved all of the historical elements they were a a little teach y at times at didn't feel as well integrated

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    I have to admit that when I saw this novel and read the name I thought I was in for a very boring book But after reading the first pages I knew I had made a big mistake I judged a book by its cover Seidman stars Kol Now Kol is a little farm boy that never seemed to fit in with his family His dad found him weak and his brother hat

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    Also posted at Chaos Reads The YA Fiction Forum James Erich is definitely one of my favorite authors in the YA LGBT genre of writingI tentatively read his other trilogy Dreams of Fire Gods just last month and i was a bit apprehensive simply because I usually dislike Fantasy books or books from other time periods as the language and slang is hard for me to wrap my mind around I fell in love with the trilogyDONEGH FTW3 and I became a fan of

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It's suitable as an introduction to the subject but also for someone like me who has spent time studying Scandinavian myths and sagas I won't speak for scholars D It's not a perfect book but it is one I will keep and treasure because it's a story rarely told We know that non heterosexual people have lived throughout history and the way that fits into the dynamics of a culture wh