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Crooked or is related to someone who is There are bad guys you'll want to kill and good guys you'll want to take home and feed There are kids who are wiser than the.


Hogans Boat

Hogan's Boat is a rollicking romp through the marshes and rivers of coastal Georgia with a cast of characters that will make you think that everybody there is either.

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Adults who are supposed to be raising them and there are old rich people who you will fall in love with Welcome to Big Mud Fish Camp Hang on for the ride of your li.

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    This is one of those cheer for the good guys novels even if they come with a bit of baggage and dirty laundry The coastal setting draws you in and the characters hook you just like good bait at the fish camp The crazy cast goes through than its share of adventures but you want Vic Waters has a voice one that readers will want to hear again

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    This is a fun read Not going to win the Pulitzer Prize for literature by a long shot and the characters and plot are simplistic at best but Waters writes the book like he writes his songs lighthearted and with fun