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  • One Piece, Vol. 17: Hiruluks Cherry Blossoms
  • By Eiichiro Oda
  • English
  • 23 January 2017
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12 thoughts on “One Piece, Vol. 17: Hiruluks Cherry Blossoms

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    So we now finally reach the climax and conclusion of the Drum Kingdom arc. The brawl between the Straw Hat pirates and King Wapol and his minions progresses as Luffy confronts Wapol and as our beloved blue nosed reindeer, Chopper,

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    The story of drum kingdom is just sad and beautiful at the same time. I am happy that chopper joined the straw hats :D alabasta here we come !

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    Eiichiro Oda chooses a good spot to wrap up the story the had extended over the last few volumes. There's also a cliffhanger of sorts that makes it easy to want to open up vol. 18.

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    Wondering if they are in my country of residence now

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    A MUST READ FOR ALL MANGA FANS, ONE PIECE FANS, ANIME FANS btw I started watching One Piece anime before reading the Manga I then decided to get the manga and read them. They are amazing :D

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    Love this series

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    Exactly as described. It came well packaged

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    The back cover corner was wrinkle

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    One piece volume 17
    Chapters 146 up to 155

    After seeing into Choppers past it shows how he came to be so careful around humans, Dalton has been fighting with Wapol and he has been put in a bad state. When Luffy a

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    Brand new, no damage. Everything like it should be :)

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    Apparently "like new" means a corner chewed up and punctures in another corner. Small wrinkles are tolerable but actual physical damage is not "like new".

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    eiichiro of a is so dedicated to his fans always read the author notes at the start of each manga one piece may just be the longest s

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By Eiichiro Oda ñ 7 CHARACTERS

One Piece, Vol. 17: Hiruluks Cherry Blossoms

Their hands full especially with Wapol's ability to modify his body depending on what he eats Meanwhile down the mountain in Big Horn village the people are devastated as their beloved leader lies in the snow badly injured But all is not lost when Wapol's deadly 20 Doctors make an unbelievable announceme. Exactly as described It came well packaged

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Join Monkey D Luffy and his swashbuckling crew in their search for the ultimate treasure One PieceAs a child Monkey D Luffy dreamed of becoming King of the Pirates But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubberat the cost of never being able to swim again Years later Luf. So we now finally reach the climax and conclusion of the Drum Kingdom arc The brawl between the Straw Hat pirates and King Wapol and his minions progresses as Luffy confronts Wapol and as our beloved blue nosed reindeer Chopper battles Kuromarimo and Chess Wapol s bizarre buffoons This volume in particular promises plenty of action We witness Chopper s first use of the Rumble Ball proof that the reindeer can not only resemble an adorable plush toy but can also be a formidable fighter Afterwards Straw Hat Luffy blows away King Wapol with his stretching signature move Gum Gum Bazooka Volume 17 overflows with Oda s mastery of manga as it is a cauldron of engaging duels comical occurrences and sentimental back stories Further Chopper s addition to the Straw Hats is a noteworthy inclusion to any One Piece or manga library However the volume contains its minor flaws particularly to the purists Firstly when I ordered the volume I expected to receive its first printing edition with its cover letters gilded with a radiant gold Instead I received the seventh printing edition with insipid orange and purple fonts Then again this is simply a minor setback I wished for no aesthetic discrepancy to exist within my One Piece collection since prior to acuiring this volume all of my volumes preceding Volume 24 were embellished with the golden font It is nonetheless imperative to note that the most recent printings possess a thin nearly invisible line in their covers thereby preserving your book by preventing your manga from harmful bending upon reading Then there is the issue about the translations but these do not significantly jeopardize the reading The crux of the matter is that Volume 17 deserves praise and merit for its plot humor and action Therefore it is definitely a worthy purchase Four stars out of five

REVIEW One Piece, Vol. 17: Hiruluks Cherry Blossoms

Fy sets off in search of the One Piece said to be the greatest treasure in the worldIt's the final showdown with the metallic King Wapol He wants his castle back and he's not taking no for an answer Well Luffy Sanji and their newfound friend Tony Tony Chopper aren't giving up so easily But our heroes have. Love this series

About the Author: By Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda began his manga career in 1992 at the age of 17 when his one shot cowboy manga Wanted won second place in the coveted Tezuka manga awards Oda went on to work as an assistant to some of the biggest manga artists in the industry including Nobuhiro Watsuki before winning the Hop Step Award for new artists His pirate adventure One Piece which debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1997 uickly became one of the most popular manga in Japan