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O find on their arrival that their ship is not even half built and the enemy is closing fastAgainst their better judgment Bowater and crew join forces with the mercurial Sullivan on board his ad hoc river gunship the General Page Outnumbered and outgunned the Confederates once again fling themselves bravely at the overwhelming power of the Yankee invaders The deadly back and forth fight along the Mississip.

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Thieves of Mercy A Novel of the Civil War at Sea

Having survived the bloody Battle of New Orleans and the loss of their ironclad Yazoo River captain Samuel Bowater engineer Hieronymus Taylor and the survivors of their crew are given new orders take command of an ironclad warship being built in Memphis TennesseeBowater and his men take passage upriver from Mississippi Mike Sullivan one of the wild undisciplined captains of the River Defense Suadron only t.

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Pi ends at last in the massive naval battle of Memphis and the near suicidal attempt by the Confederates to hold back the Northern floodFilled with wild characters and heart pounding action and set against the bold backdrop of the Civil War Thieves of Mercy is a worthy successor to the W Y Boyd Award winning novel Glory in the Name the book Bernard Cornwell lauded as by far the best Civil War novel I've re.

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    Serendipity strikes again This book is another gem I picked up at a charity shop sorry James Nelson no money for you but at least I can write an honest review Another authorseries to follow and enjoyI knew only the basics

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    Second in the series covers the Confederate abandonment of Norfolk and the pincer movement of the Yankees north and south on the Miss