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Tial part of any rune library Share in an inspiring vision of our place in the cosmos and harness the power of the runes as never before With astonishing clarity this volume.

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The Book of Rune Secrets

Having difficulty figuring out what the runes are trying to tell you The Book of Rune Secrets is a contemporary vision of the Elder Futhark runes destined to become an essen.

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Builds on the ideas of teachers such as Freya Aswynn Edred Thorsson and Diana L Paxson but departs from old thinking and dares to explore the future of the runes themselves.

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    Perhaps I was not as clear as should be about how I feel about this book I know the author sent it to me with a caveat that it was for 'secular' people and for that I am in agreement The book gives you a basic overview of

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    I've done a book review on this one on video format at YouTube and if anyone is interested in watching it I'll leave the link in here