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Ot come easy though After years of grinding as a nickel and dime hustler in the projects Snake worked his way to the top of the ladder graduating to his current status of The Man Snake has it all money power respect and a fleet of dime pieces What do these two have in common Find out what happens in this page turning thriller when these two cross paths and Snake walks away owing Goldie his life Brace yourself and prepare to become a student of the streets because never before has the game been handed to you on a silver platter like th.

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Ghetto Resume part 1

In life we all go through struggles to do what we have to do to get by Everyone has skeletons in their closets The series of events we encounter as we journey through life serve as references on our resume of life However if you should so happen to be one of the unfortunate ones born into the ghetto all of the hardship and pain you endure over the years to make it out of the ghetto will forever serve as references on your Ghetto ResumeGoldie born into this world Deuan Walker is who some people would call a freak of nature His diverse.

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Ways and extraordinary I almost insures him an academic scholarship to a prestigious college of his choice Growing up in poverty in the late 80 s Goldie's stay fly fetish turns him into a die hard hustler doing anything legal to make a dollar When tragedy strikes Goldie s family dire situations force him to become a man before he ever gets to enjoy being a boy Hustling becomes an addiction for Goldie and you know they say bad habits are hard to breakSnake a high school dropout is Southside St Pete's most notorious drug dealer It did n.