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Erce there is no argument the safety of the baby is always paramount and her strongly held views are further deepened when she meets a younger man who has been irrevocably brain damaged since birth and their friendship blossoms into love of a kindSister Pierce's defiant attitude towards a hospital manager and her refusal to heed the warnin.

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Night On Nights Off

A woman's outspoken views and unconventional lifestyle leads to a crisis and she discovers there is a price to be paid for speaking your mind In the heightened atmosphere of a busy maternity unit there are inevitable tensions between modern technology and the demands by some mothers for a 'natural childbirth' For widowed midwife Shirley Pi.

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Gs of her friends lead to her involvement in a horrific tragedy and she soon discovers that there is a heavy price to be paid for resisting authority Nights On Nights Off is a gripping story about midwives on duty and off a body of professional women whose emotions and reactions are ultimately no different from those of the women they serv.

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    just din not enjoy this much at all and it took me ages to read in fact i really wonder why i bothered