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D be either The village doctor Alex Carver is notorious for his philandering ways and everyone seems to be conducting a clandestine affairTo add to this Sophie has a mystery lover a silent stranger who visits her in the night Could it be Callum the rugged young.

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Silent Seduction Black Lace Series

Sophie is expected to marry her long term boyfriend and be an ideal wife and mother Instead she takes a job away from home as a nanny and riding instructor for the wealthy but dysfunctional McKinnerney family The family friends are not as respectable as they shoul.

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Gardener or even Mr McKinnerney himself Whoever he is Sophie finds his attentions a welcome escape from the nagging demands of the irritable Mrs McKinnerney In an atmosphere of suspicion and secrecy Sophie is determined to discover the identity of her silent seduc.

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    Amusing erotic Black Lace story The bit where Sophie is interviewed by the two policemen and is asked to describe her prowler made me laugh sev

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    Not much to say about this one didn't seem particularly credible and the heroine was annoying than anything else