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Our negative past experiences and create a new and exciting present and futureRicotti gives you direct access to her uniue gifts as a world renowned transformational teacher including the 20 Lessons to Live By When Life Knocks You Down Lessons such as Say Yes to ChangeLet Go of What WasWithin Every Crisis Lies a Golden OpportunityHave Faith in What Will BeRecreate Your Reality. I loved this bokk so light and useful

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A financial crisis a divorce losing your job or a loved one a health scare we all face painful life shattering events at some point They can leave us feeling drained and drowning in depression Author Sonia Ricotti draws upon her own experiences as well as those of other high profile self help leaders to help you overcome these difficult situations with ease and bounce back uic. At the beginning of the book the author states that you won t just read this book but will return to it over and over as you use the steps to improve your life I agree with her due to the fact that this book isn t just inspirational but also has concrete steps you can use to move your life forward It also includes many inspirational accounts of the challenges other people have faced and how they used specific steps to overcome them I would recommend this book to anyone who is depressed about the current events in their lives or the direction their life seems to be going in I would have liked a little content to the book It s rather short And I got tired of reading the author s catch phrase about how to bounce back better and higher than before But other than those minor complaints I thought it was worth the time to read


Ker and higher than you thought possible Unsinkable is not only inspiring but it offers clearly written step by step tools strategies stories and exercises that will teach you how to Powerfully move forward take action and create the life you deserveTransform your way of thinking and feel better nowExperience inner peace and happiness no matter what your circumstancesRelease y. What a load of BSRicotti s one of those self help authors who believe that manifesting can solve all of life s problems gag and writes books for the sole purpose of selling of her stuff Nothing she writes is especially profound useful or not common knowledge One part of the book I just can t get over she asks readers to donate to her foundation at the end because and I uote it has a profound impact on her life Right Because humanitarian work is to help entitled people feel good about themselvesIf I could I would give this book 0 stars I can t believe I wasted so many hours on this deranged greedy entitled self centered charlatan

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    At the beginning of the book the author states that you won't just read this book but will return to it over and over as you use the steps to

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    It reminded me of my faith who i used to be who i want to beIt reminded me to believe in miraclesIt reminded me of all the miracles that have already happened in my lifeIt reminded me not to let the embittered pessimistic know it alls steal my joy my hope and my faithIt reminded me that this life is what I make it

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    Take time each and every day for yourself This is YOU timeTime for self care maintain your sanity sense of calmnessstart to appreciate 'ME time' or 'YOU time'haha😊

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    What a load of BSRicotti's one of those self help authors who believe that manifesting can solve all of life's problems gag and writ

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    I love this book so much so that I bought her on line program and do her meditations daily This really has been helping me through a very difficult time and I highly recommend it I know I will read this book again and again to keep me on track

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    This was an easy read for me since I already knew some of the information provided However it kept my I interest by the stories sprinkled throughout the book It was a good refresher on moving forward after a hardship

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    Uplifting and inspirational Dream big Believe Eyes on the prize No time to focus upon the naysayers who are figh

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    Inspiration and insights that transform Want to live an unsinkable life? Bounce back uickly when life knocks you down by applying these tips and strategies Karen Briscoe author and podcast host 5 Minute Success

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    I loved this bokk; so light and useful

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    This book was fine I often found it a little trite A little naive A little “cheerleader y” I am a fan of the Law of Attraction and was hoping this book would contain of that It did not

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