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Ascendent (Executive Power Book 1)

Ell struggling to be the man worthy of Sergeys love The pieces of his soul he cut out are the very ones he needs in order to become the man he yearns to be Hell need to face himself and his past on a journey into the frozen heart of Russia and into the midnight depths of the dead landsOnly then can he ascend from the darkness and be the man Sergey needs at his side. Hmm I don t know how to feel about this one Not bad but definitely not good either Felt rushed I don t know I don t think I d recommend necessarily but I m glad I read anyways Don t think I ll continue with this series Love Sasha and Sergey but this writing was over the top

Summary Ascendent (Executive Power Book 1)

Ed with a shame that infected his soul and ravaged by demons haunting his memories Sasha ran But he could never escape Sergey or the gravitational pull of their love Nightmares trail behind his every step and weary ghosts live in the hollow chambers of his soul Hes spent a lifetime brutally eviscerating the parts of himself he despises and hes an empty shattered sh. I don t really think I can add anything else that other reviewers haven t already expressed I just wanted to show my support to the author for such a brilliant book and to highly recommend this seriesOh and I love the front cover

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Sasha Andreyev grew up on the wrong side of nowhere dreaming of starlight as he strangled a secret He fled enlisting in the Russian Army and worked his way up the ranks Years later after surviving a beating and being left for dead he found a new life in Moscow working with President Sergey Puchkov And then he fell in love Desperate to avoid his runaway heart crippl. I never liked Sasha Of course I felt a great deal of empathy for the character when he was introduced in Enemy of My Enemy Who wouldn t Beaten and left for dead because of his sexuality Surviving only due to his courage and desperation and his faith in a personal hero he had never met A heart wrenching beginning to a complex perplexing and often frustrating love story His behavior was infuriating Breaking Sergey s heart over and over drawing him in then turning his back on Sergey s desperate declarations of love due to his own self hatred disguised as patriotism and love of Mother Russia Even at the end when all seems well one is left with the uestion of when will Sasha run again and why is he really runningNow we have the answer and now I love Sasha With his brilliant character development and his inspired and powerfully visual narrative Tal Bauer tells the agonising tale of a man so brutalized and hated by his culture that he is literally dying because of his shattered soul His uest to reclaim that part of himself that he cut out long ago his innate understanding of what it is he needs to survive even though he fears to confront it makes a promising beginning to an inspiring and action packed new series of political thrillers that promise to be the best yet of Mr Bauer s creations I will be waiting somewhat impatiently for the first of the Executive Power series Bring it on

About the Author: Tal Bauer

Tal Bauer writes breathtaking heartfelt and often action packed gay romance novels His characters are head over heels for each other and fight against all odds for their happy ending Nothing stands in the way of love Tal is best known for his romantic suspense novels including the Executive Office series The Murder Between Us The Grave Between Us The Night of and his MM sports romance The Jock Visit Tal at wwwtalbauerwritescom and on Facebook at wwwfacebookcomtalbauerauthor and on BookBub at wwwbookbubcomprofiletal bauer todaySign up for Tals newsletter at

9 thoughts on “Ascendent (Executive Power Book 1)

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    While this book can be read as a standalone, fans of the Executive Office series will especially enjoy the return of Sergey and Sasha. Sergey is the President of Russia who needs Sasha by his side. Sasha is a Hero of Russia, who lo

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    I never liked Sasha. Of course, I felt a great deal of empathy for the character when he was introduced in "Enemy of My Enemy." Who wouldn't? Beaten and left for dead because of his sexuality? Surviving only due to his courage and desperation, and his faith in a personal hero he had never met? A heart wrenching

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    I loved the Executive Office trilogy where these characters were introduced, but this spinoff fell a little flat. I found some aspects repetitive, and it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, in terms of leaving an opening for a sequel. That was similar to the second Executive Office book, whereas the first book of that series had a very

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    Everything we have waited for! Sergey and Sasha's story is, I think, the best in this series (I love Jack & Ethan)!! A wonderful blend of action and intrigue like we expect from a Tal Bauer story and then the otherworldly experiences that Sasha

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    I will admit that Tal Bauer is my favourite author out there writing at this time. His books have the research and attention to detail that, in my opinion, put them above most other offerings. It is standard practice for me to have my Kindle in one hand and Google fired up and ready in the other, so I can look for myself at the p

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    I don't really think I can add anything else that other reviewers haven't already expressed. I just wanted to show my support to the author for such a brilliant book and to highly recommend this series.
    Oh, and I love the front cover.

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    Tal has done it again but that’s no surprise. I loved reading about Sasha, and your heart will break for all the pain he’s gone through. Looking forward to the next book out, hope it’s soon

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    I don’t think I have ever been as excited to read a book as I have this one. I fell in love with Sergey and Sasha in Tal Bauer’s Executive Office series and was beyond thrilled to learn they would be getting their own book/s.

    Ascendent was never going to be an uncomplicated love story. For starters, Sergey is the current President of Russia trying to piece together a country in ruins. Sasha is an ex

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    Hmm I don’t know how to feel about this one. Not bad but definitely not good either. Felt rushed? I don’t know. I don’t think I’d recommend necessarily but I’m glad I read anyways. Don’t think I’ll

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