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Ving father is also a skilled criminal defense attorney And something here doesn't add up Night Sniper with Christopher Charles Cheryl Mabern is the NYPD's most brilliant detective and the most damaged Now she must confront her darkest fears to stop a calculating. It was a nice book I haven t read anything by James Patterson before This book is actuallythree stories novellas by this guy Patterson and three other authors They re not badIt must be nice for Patterson to get other folks to write his stories for himBe warned Family Lawyer is only one of the three stories

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The Family Lawyer

From the world's number one best selling writer three pulse pounding novels in one audiobook The Family Lawyer with Robert Rotstein Matthew Hovanes is living a parent's worst nightmare His young daughter is accused of bullying another girl into suicide But this lo. I was very disappointed in this book I thought I was going to read one story about a lawyer and ended up with three short stories I d like my money back people If I wanted short stories I would have purchased short stories Why name the book The Family Lawyer That s misleading to me That s what I thought I was going to read

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Killer committing random murders The Good Sister with Rachel Howzell Hall Her beloved sister's cheating husband has been found dead Now Dani Lawrence must decide if she will help the investigation that could put her sister awayor obstruct it by any means necessary. James Patterson is one of my favorite authors These stories were so good The first and last book had such unbelievably different endings then what I expected Great mysteries

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    I was very disappointed in this book, I thought I was going to read one story about a lawyer, and ended up with three short stories. I'd like my money back people. If I wanted short stories I would have purchased short stori

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    I just can't believe How disappointed I am in what books are coming out with James Patterson's names on them or associated with him.
    I would faithfully buy any book by him, not any. Just mass producing garbage. It doesn't seem to be about the quality any. Very disappointed.

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    As I said in a recent review, I am finding Patterson books that I don't really like. When I order one I can't assume that it will be

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    What a disappointment, especially the third short story co written with Rachel Hall. Is Patterson just calling these in now? The third short story needed background on the sisters, why did Miss Lawrence feel she n

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    It was a nice book. I haven't read anything by James Patterson before. This book is actually,
    three stories (

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    The first of three stories was good (4 stars) The second and third series were not up to par with what I would ex

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    This one gave me another look into the field of criminal defense and the legal system, which I found interesting. A defense lawyer has to defend his own daughter in a court of law. It has the suspense, thrill, and surprise ending that we expect from Patterson; it's all there. Mystery lovers and Patterson fans will enjoy this tale.

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    Hadn't realised when I ordered this book that it was three short stories. I would probably not have purchased if I had realised, but have to say The Family Lawyer is intriguing with a twist I didn't see coming. Nice to be surprised by the story.

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    This book made me realise that the key to a good book is characters who are likeable. In the first story, that applied only to the female lawyer and her role wasn't big enough to count. I would be surprised if anyone can find anything to like about the disfunctional family on whom the story is centred. The second story h

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    Was expecting a book about a family lawyer but it was 3 short stories. Only one was about a family lawyer. The stories were ok on there own merit but not the book I thought it was going to be. I won't recommend this book.

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    Started off good and then went rushed silly endings like his book shots. Going off JP when it’s not his regular character books such as Alex Cross, Harriett Blue etc

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    I bought this as an Xmas present. From the feedback it was an enthralling but entertaining read with three different stories to keep you turning the page.

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