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Belief in his potentialThen came his third family The calisthenics family helped him rebuild his life and his body and set him on a new course of personal growth success and seeing the worldIn Beyond The Bars he shares how he was lost and then found through grace grit and giving bac.

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Beyond The Bars: From Prison To The Podium

Beyond the Bars is the riveting story of how one man rose from the depths of the hole in prison to the highs of the championship podiumAs a young gang member Chris Luera was looking for a life of success and glory He found near death experiences and solitary confinement In taut dram.

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Atic prose he tells his story of life as a lost youth who didnt fit in to finding his tribe on the gym floor and becoming a championThe family Chris Luera was born into was destroyed by drugs alcohol and mysterious death The family he was adopted into gave him love a work ethic and.

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